J. Kehaulani Kauanui

2005, March 21–23
Short SeminarNative Women’s Cultural MattersThe participants in this seminar are women of various walks of life and Native nations. They shared their thoughts about the continuation and revitalization of Native women’s ceremonies, repatriation of Native cultural items, protection of Native sacred objects and sacred places, and other cultural matters.
2004, May 19–23
Short SeminarNative American IdentityThis seminar Seminar included valuable insights and contributions to the issue of Native American identity as noted through aspects of blood quantum, sovereignty, gambling, land allotment rights, ancestral and kinship concerns, art, and the environment.
2004, April 8–9
Short SeminarDoing Indigenous Research: Theory and Practice
Katrin H. Lamon Resident ScholarNative Hawaiian Racial Formation: Blood Quantum and the Legal Construction of Indigeneity

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