Gerald W. Creed

The Seductions of CommunitySAR Press PublicationThe Seductions of Community: Emancipations, Oppressions, QuandariesThe concept of "community" is ubiquitous in the way we talk and think about life in the twentyfirst century. Political and economic projects from rainforest conservation to urban empowerment zones focus on "the community" as the appropriate vehicle and target of change.
2003, April 12–18
Advanced SeminarReconsidering Community: The Unintended Consequences of an Intellectual RomanceOn April 12-18, 2003, ten scholars attended an Advanced Seminar chaired by Gerald Creed on the topic “Reconsidering Community: The Unintended Consequences of an Intellectual Romance.” Creed’s inspiration for the proposal was sparked by his observation that use of the term “community” had become common “almost to the point of saturation,” not only crossing nearly all academic disciplines, but also in widespread popular discourse across cultures....

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