George E. Marcus

Critical Anthropology NowSAR Press PublicationCritical Anthropology Now: Unexpected Contexts, Shifting Constituencies, Changing AgendasBuilding on the legacy of Writing Culture, Critical Anthropology Now vividly represents the changing nature of anthropological research practice, demonstrating how new and more complicated locations of research-from the boardrooms of multinational corporations to the chat rooms of the Internet-are giving rise to shifts in the character of fieldwork and fieldworker.
1994, October 30–November 3
Advanced SeminarPower/Knowledge Shifts in America's Present Fin-de-Siecle
1984, April 16–20
Advanced SeminarThe Making of Ethnographic Texts
Elites Ethnographic IssuesSAR Press PublicationElites: Ethnographic IssuesThis book is a collection of essays focusing on the role that elites play in shaping modern societies. Critiquing the treatment accorded elites as subjects in recent Western social thought, the essays reflect upon past results and explore directions in the investigation of elite groups by anthropologists.
1979, March 19–23
Advanced SeminarAnthropological Perspectives on Elites in Complex Societies

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