Ezra Zubrow

Simulations in ArchaeologySAR Press PublicationSimulations in Archaeology

This book aims to clarify the reasons for using systems models and computer simulations in seeking to understand dynamic cultural patterns. Computer simulations grow logically out of the steps taken by archaeology in the past century: from random data collection to cultural description, proceeding through chronological ordering to interest in process, and finally to systems construction.

Demographic AnthropologySAR Press PublicationDemographic Anthropology: Quantitative ApproachesThe articles in this book explore relationships between demographic variables and culture, emphasizing cultural and biological structures and processes connected to population trends. In addition, the book covers topics dealing with sedentism, kinship, childhood marriage association, and stable and unstable economic growth.
1973, January 15–19
Advanced SeminarDemography and Anthropological Research

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