Estévan Rael-Galvéz

Estévan Rael-GalvézBoard of DirectorsMember
2004, June 20–22
Short SeminarEstablishing Identity: The Social and Political Life of the Chief White Antelope Blanket (Part I)This seminar included microscopic research and analysis regarding the Chief White Antelope blanket's physical properties as well as in-depth discussions about its Navajo origin, history, and social life.
2004, April 8–9
Short SeminarDoing Indigenous Research: Theory and Practice
Summer Scholar Estévan Rael-GalvézKatrin H. Lamon Summer ScholarThe Culture of Memory within an Imagined Community: The History and Discourse of Indian Captivity and Slavery
Resident Scholar Estévan Rael-GalvézKatrin H. Lamon Resident ScholarIdentifying Captivities and Capturing Identities: The Contest of Stories and Memories in the American Indian Captivity and Servitude of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado

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