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Costly & CuteSAR Press PublicationCostly and Cute: Helpless Infants and Human Evolution

The authors take a broad look at how human infants are similar to and different from the infants of other species, at how our babies have constrained our evolution over the past six million years, and at how they continue to shape the ways we live today.

2014, May 11–15
Costly and Cute: How Helpless Newborns Made Us HumanAdvanced SeminarCostly and Cute: How Helpless Newborns Made Us HumanParticipants in this seminar examined infant helplessness from biological, cultural, cognitive, behavioral, obstetrical, and pediatric points of view to understand how such a costly pattern of development evolved and what benefits it conferred on humans.
Dean Falk Senior Scholar
Dean FalkSchool for Advanced Research Resident ScholarScience, Religion, and the Reception to New Hominin Discoveries

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