Anne Ray Intern Presentations

Patricia Baudino and Jordan Wilson, Anne Ray Interns, SAR

Colloquium, SAR Boardroom

Wednesday, April 30, 2014, 12:00–1:00 pm, Free

Patricia BaudinoPatricia Baudino2013–2014 Anne Ray InternPatricia Baudino2013–2014 Anne Ray Intern

To be Able to Share: Manifesting Change through Collections-Based Collaboration

Patricia Baudino, Anne Ray Intern, SAR

Collections-based collaborations in cultural institutions (re)connect descendant communities with cultural objects, recognizing and respecting the complex webs of connection that are formed through collection. Appreciating the nuanced histories of objects can help mend the fabrics of time and culture that the colonial practices of museum tore, at once deepening a museum’s understanding of objects while opening a dialogue with descendant communities about control, access, and culture. Examining three types of collections-based collaborations at the Indian Arts Research Center (IARC) at the School for Advanced Research, this presentation looks at how collection reviews, artist seminars, and artist fellowships foster empathetic relationships and honor indigenous knowledge at IARC. This colloquium will show that collections-based collaborations are opportunities for cultural institutions to establish long-term relationships with source communities, creating collaborations that reorganize institutional power structures and establish mutually beneficial relationships based on respect, trust, and understanding.

An Oral History with Delbert Guerin

Jordan Wilson, Anne Ray Intern, SAR

Jordan Wilson will share some of the research he has been conducting for his master’s thesis. The primary goal of this work is to collaboratively produce a life history of Delbert Guerin, a well-known elder and community leader from the Musqueam First Nation, with a focus on his extensive political career. Wilson will discuss some of the issues this type of work presents, and drawing from literary studies, history, anthropology, and indigenous studies, he will explore how concepts of place, memory, genealogy, and historical consciousness connect to this work.

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