Cheryl Claassen

1998, April 18–24
Advanced SeminarDoing Archaeology as a Feminist: Moving from Theory to PracticeIn April 1998, nine archaeologists, one historian, and a philosopher gathered for an advanced seminar on the implications of feminist commitments for the discipline of archaeology.
Shipwreck AnthropologySAR Press PublicationShipwreck Anthropology

“Shipwrecks are part of the legitimate domain of anthropology and can produce results that are as significant for our ability to explain variability in human behavior as any other kind of archaeology, whether it deals with stone tools in a European Paleolithic rockshelter or ceramics contained in a sixteenth-century Spanish shipwreck.” So argues Richard A. Gould, the editor of this volume originating from a 1981 School of American Research advanced seminar.

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