Santee Frazier Santee Frazier
SAR Indigenous Writer-in-Residence Fellowship
The School for Advanced Research is pleased to welcome Cherokee poet Santee Frazier as the inaugural SAR Indigenous Writer-in-Residence fellow. The author of Dark Thirty (2009), a collection of loosely autobiographical poems journeying through Cherokee Country, Santee’s work falls into the documentary poetic tradition. Through his writing, he attempts to recreate Indigenous/Cherokee thinking through the English language, making new culture in poetic form.
Linda Aguilar Linda Aguilar
Eric and Barbara Dobkin Fellowship
Linda Aguilar is a Chumash basketmaker who uses traditional techniques to create her unique horsehair and waxed thread baskets. Explaining this unusual blend, she notes, “There is a stigma to basketmakers: ‘Traditional’ or ‘Non-Traditional.’ I am both. I work with horsehair and waxed thread which are non-traditional materials. I approach the weaving with tradition. I respect the many generations of ancestral basket makers.”
Brent Michael Davids Brent Michael Davids
Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellowship
Davids is a world-renowned Mohican composer based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He has won numerous awards including being named one of the top twenty-nine preeminent American Choral composers by the NEA for its national celebration, American Masterpiece. Davids’s project is to compose a dramatic oratorio based around the purchase of Manhattan. The composition will be for voice and chamber ensemble and is set to premiere at the Lenape Center in New York City.
Franklin Peters Franklin Peters
Rollin and Mary Ella King Fellowship
As an emerging artist, Franklin plans to spend his time studying the Indian Arts Research Center collections to better understand the techniques and processes of his ancestors. One of his challenges will be to increase the size of his ollas and to incorporate more historical designs into his work.
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