Volunteers throughout SAR’s divisions make truly significant contributions. Their gifts of time and talent are vitally important to the organization and its programs.
Indian Arts Research Center
Melanie Brunner *
Beezy Bing *
Hal Bolton *
Clarice Cole *
Darla Cox *
Larry Dalrymple *
Alice Davis
Doug Fine *
Jim Fusco *
Nelson Grice
Bev Hayden
Bill Larson *
Nancy Leonard *
Virginia Lierz *
Pam Lytle
Margie McKhann
Gail Rachor
Don Seeger
Karen Solski
Don Thomas *
Diane Webster *
* Docent
Institutional Advancement Library SAR Press
Ruth Holmes
Lara Morrow
Joy and Bob Spaulding
Robert Vigil
Kathleen Banks
Cindy Dobson
Karen Gahr
Ira Kirkendoll
Kyriane Johnson
Crennan Ray
Jon Sward
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