Staff of the School for Advanced Reseach

James F. Brooks, President and CEO
John Kantner, Vice President for Academic and Institutional Advancement
Sharon K. Tison, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Lynn Thompson Baca, Director, SAR Press
Cynthia Chavez Lamar, Director, Indian Arts Research Center
Kathleen Clendenin, Culinary Assistant, Guest Services
Nidia Cordero, Culinary Assistant, Guest Services
Elizabeth Crosman, Culinary Assistant, Guest Services
Kathryn (Katie) Crosman, Culinary Assistant, Guest Services
Jennifer Day, Registrar, IARC
Doug Dearden, Director, Information Technology
Cynthia Dyer, Production Manager, SAR Press
Laura Elliff, Collections Manager, Indian Arts Research Center
Ellen Goldberg, Editorial Assistant, SAR Press
Isidro Gutierrez, Groundskeeper, Physical Plant
Laura Holt, Librarian, Scholar Programs
Nadine Koenig, Administrative Assistant, Scholar Programs
Daniel Kurnit, Administrative Assistant, IARC
Nancy Owen Lewis, Director, Scholar Programs
Jonathan Lewis, Multimedia Programmer, Academic and Institutional Advancement
Diane McCarthy, Director, Executive Services
Janie Miller, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, Academic and Institutional Advancement
Randy Montoya, Physical Plant Assistant
John Noonan, Customer Service/Shipping and Receiving Clerk, SAR Press
Jason Ordaz, Multimedia Designer, Academic and Institutional Advancement
Kent Owens, Full Charge Bookkeeper, Business Administration
Lisa Pacheco, Managing Editor, SAR Press
Sylvanus Paul, Collections Management Assistant, IARC
Elysia Poon, Program Coordinator, IARC
Carol Sandoval, Personnel Director, Business Administration
Jean Schaumberg, Advancement Associate, Academic and Institutional Advancement
Cynthia Selene, Customer Service/Bookkeeper, SAR Press
Leslie Shipman, Director, Guest Services
Raymond Sweeney, Director, Physical Plant
Carol Tapke, Administrative Assistant, Executive Services
Carla Tozcano, Assistant/Courier, Guest Services
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