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2010–2011 Annual Review—“Words”2010–2011 Annual Review—“Words”Cover image of the print-version3-D Glasses 
2010–2011 Annual Review—“Words”3-D Glasses 

For more than a century, the yearly publication of knowledge has been at the heart of SAR’s mission. The Annual Review encapsulates the School’s efforts in support of this mission each year. For the second year now, SAR has published both a digital and a print version of this overview. For those who still like to hold printed pages in their hands, the briefer “hard-copy” version highlights all the activities, events and participants of 2010–2011, providing a tangible summary of the year’s accomplishments along with our financial report and acknowledgments.

Throughout the online version of the Annual Review you may have noticed several photographs marked as “(3-D).” For instance, portions of the Native Intern’s exhibitions have 3-D photographs. In order to see the 3-D effect, you will need a pair of red/cyan 3-D glasses.

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To request a print version of the annual review, contact SAR by phone at (505) 954-7200 or by email at multimedia [at]

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