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Introducing 2022-2023 Anne Ray Intern Penske McCormack

Hello all! I am Penske McCormack (they/them), and I am one of the two Anne Ray Interns at SAR’s Indian Arts Research Center for 2022-2023. I am very excited to introduce myself to the SAR community!

Raised in Georgia, I earned my AB in art history from the University of Georgia. Currently, I am a MA candidate in anthropology at the University of Denver with a focus in museum and heritage studies.

My studies and research focus on prioritizing Indigenous sovereignty within collections management through consultation, collaboration, repatriation, and by incorporating forms of traditional care. I am passionate about developing my museum practice to center the perspectives of the Native American communities represented in collections.

The IARC is renowned for its work in these areas, and I am so honored to be able to work and learn here over the next year. I am also excited to learn from all of the incredible staff, scholars, artists, and community members who make SAR what it is.

I look forward to sharing experiences and resources with the online community on Fridays!

Penske McCormack