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May 20, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Hosted online. Register below.



SAR’s 2020-2021 Anne Ray interns share an online presentation on their research and reflect on their time at SAR.


Shándíín Brown

“Evolution in Indian Country: The Impact of the Sewing Machine in Native American Fashion”

This presentation will analyze twenty-one garments from the IARC permanent collection with the goal of displaying four thematic snapshots of Native American fashion impacted by the sewing machine. They are divided into four categories: Pre-Sewing Machine, Combination of Traditional and Contemporary, Innovation, and High Fashion/Couture. The creativity of Indigenous people is astounding, and this is evident in all four categories, which tell a story of evolution within identity, culture, and aesthetics.

Click here to learn more about Shándíín Brown and her work at SAR. 


Emily Santhanam

“Bolo Ties in the Digital Age: A Case Study of Online Exhibitions Programming at the IARC”

This presentation will focus on the shift toward online exhibitions programming at the Indian Arts Research Center, with an emphasis on the organization, creation, and curation of “The Western Aesthetic: Bolo Ties in the IARC Collection.” By looking in-depth at the online exhibition process, including both remote and hands-on forms of research and planning, this presentation seeks to highlight the importance of flexibility and creativity in museum exhibitions and collections contexts. Additionally, it intends to outline the challenges, joys, and surprises that arise when pivoting toward online platforms during the course of the Anne Ray internship.

Click here to learn more about Emily Santhanam and her work at SAR. 


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