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April 25, 2018 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Meet at SAR Campus
660 Garcia Street
Santa Fe
$250 per person
Isis Bennett
(505) 954-7245

Limited to 26 people

Study Leaders:
Marlon Magdalena, Jemez Pueblo artist and instructional coordinator, Jemez Historic Site
Matt Barbour, regional manager, Coronado and Jemez Historic Sites
Kathleen Wall, Jemez Pueblo artist

Kathleen Wall and her artwork in the SAR Dubin Studio

Kathleen Wall and her artwork in the SAR Dubin Studio

Join SAR for a day immersed in the past and present of Jemez Pueblo culture. We’ll start our visit at Jemez Historic Site, with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Giusewa (place of hot springs) Pueblo Site and the San Jose de los Jemez Mission and discuss their significant roles in the history of the Jemez Pueblo people. Marlon Magdalena will share information from the research he and others have done as well as native flute music performed on the flutes he crafts.

A short drive to the Soda Dam will allow us to view and discuss Jemez Cave, which was occupied by forefathers of today’s Jemez people and believed to be one of the Southwest’s earliest agricultural sites (ca. 1000 BC).  Archaeological excavations of Jemez Cave were part of a Civilian Conservation Corps project in conjunction with SAR and other institutions. Several human burial sites were discovered in the cave, along with some of the most intact examples of turkey feather blankets and yucca cordage as well as animal bone and seeds. Matt Barbour worked as an archaeologist with the state of New Mexico and has researched and written about Jemez Cave.

Then we’re off to Jemez Pueblo for lunch, a fun, hands-on (greasy!) affair of pulling our own fry bread and making delicious Indian tacos at the home and studio of Kathleen Wall. Kathleen is a former SAR artist in residence and works in Native clay incorporating technology with traditional techniques. She will host us for a demonstration and conversation about her current art projects.

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Activity Level: Easy

Includes: Lunch (a pueblo meal), transportation, guide, entry fees, gratuities, and snack and water on the bus Minimum of 20, maximum of 26.


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