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Minds in the Net: The Journey from Page to Screen with Nicholas Carr

New York Times best-selling author Nicholas Carr presents “Minds in the Net: The Journey from Page to Screen” as this year’s Creative Thought Forum annual president’s lecture. Carr addresses how digital media shapes our thoughts and perceptions, as well as the ways we communicate. To put this into context, he draws a contrast with the media technology that the computer screen has supplanted: the printed page.

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Rocking the Boat: Tradition as Innovation / IARC 2019 Speaker Series

SAR is proud to present Rocking the Boat: Innovation as Tradition, a four-part speaker series highlighting the Indian Arts Research Center’s former Native artist fellows and extended community (April 3, 2019 – April 24, 2019).  Artists in this year’s programs explore how honoring tradition requires the capacity to preserve the old, and the ability to innovate and integrate new creativity. 

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2019 J. I. Staley Prize Winner – Government of Paper: The Materiality of Bureaucracy in Urban Pakistan

Cities are shaped as much by paper and rubber stamps as they are by bricks and mortar, argues Matthew Hull in Government of Paper. By tracing the unexpected ways in which documents travel, he exposes the secret life of paper that profoundly shapes the built landscape of the planned city of Islamabad, and more broadly, gives us new ways of understanding bureaucracy on a global scale.

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From “Garden Warriors” to “Good Seeds” – Indigenizing the Local Food Movement with anthropologist Elizabeth Hoover

The School for Advanced Research (SAR) is pleased to host anthropologist Elizabeth Hoover for an exploration of seed sovereignty and how issues like global climate change are influencing farming and food practices in Native American communities. Drawing on extensive visits to thirty-nine Native American food and farming heritage projects—including several in New Mexico—and formal and informal interviews with chefs, farm owners, growers, and community members, Hoover’s current work will serve as one of the first comprehensive multi-site ethnographies of the Native American food sovereignty movement.

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Handmade Almost Perfectly: IARC Native Artist Fellow Jordan Craig

How does a self-proclaimed perfectionist navigate the often messy process of making art? Northern Cheyenne printmaker and painter Jordan Craig tells us that even when the creative journey is difficult, a work’s flaws may become integral to the artist’s achievements. Explore her artistic perspective and learn about the work she produced as SAR’s 2018 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Native Artist Fellow.

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