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SAR Adventures in Archaeology: An International Journey to Brazil

Guest contributor and SAR board member Diane Stanley Vennema shares her reflections on a recent SAR international field trip to Brazil led by archaeologist Anna Roosevelt and SAR president Michael F. Brown. As Brown notes, “When SAR organizes field trips, we recruit experts who can lead our members beneath the surface and deep into the places we visit to reach a more profound understanding of local history and culture. Many of these experts are SAR alumni, former scholars whose work has benefited from their time on our campus. Anna Curtenius Roosevelt is one such scholar.”

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Best-Selling Book by SAR Alumnus Challenges Traditional Narratives of Native America and Underscores the Achievements of Indians in Contemporary Culture.

A new, widely acclaimed book by SAR scholar alumnus David Treuer is challenging long-held views of the state of Native America. The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee, argues that Dee Brown’s famous history of Native American dispossession and genocide, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, perpetuates a mistaken impression of the situation of American Indians today.

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SAR Curated. The Swimming Pool of 1926

SAR Curated is a series on the SAR blog exploring the collections, archives, campus, and institutional history. In this edition, the SAR Press acquisitions editor describes Santa Fe’s first swimming pool, which was part of SAR’s historic campus.

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Death Came Knocking on the Seminar House Door and SAR Answered

Exploring the world of death and mourning has always been part of anthropological work, but the opportunity to examine these topics in an interdisciplinary setting is rare in academia. This fall, SAR hosted an Advanced Seminar that enabled a cross-disciplinary dialogue among ten scholars who are currently studying death practices and their cultural relevance.

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Brian Vallo and Gaylord Torrence Tour Art of Native America

Nearly two months after the much anticipated opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Art of Native America, the Charles and Valerie Diker Collection, the exhibit continues to welcome new visitors and receive national and international media attention. The first exhibit of Native American works in the museum’s American Wing is pushing the dialog around collecting institutions and cultural heritage into new areas of inquiry. IARC director Brian Vallo and curator Gaylord Torrence share reflections on several works in the exhibit in this video tour.

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