Writers Reading/Reading Writers: Malena Mörling & Tomas Tranströmer

Artist Talk, SAR Boardroom

Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 5:30–7:30 pm

Malena MörlingMalena Mörling

The Literary Arts Program at SAR, funded by the Lannan Foundation, is pleased to announce the inaugural event in its “Writers Reading/Reading Writers” series, through which notable creative writers read from their own work, as well as discuss with the audience selections from writers who have been most influential in their own careers.

On April 12th, Lannan Literary Fellowship recipient and SAR Research Associate Malena Mörling (UNC Wilmington) will read from her translations of the Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer, one of the most significant European contemporary poets. She will also read her own poems and discuss the tremendous influence of Tranströmer’s work on her own.

View the translations by Malena Mörling.

Tomas Tranströmer has said:

“My poems are meeting places. Their intent is to make a sudden connection between aspects of reality that conventional languages and outlooks ordinarily keep apart. Large and small details of the landscape meet, divided cultures and people flow together in a work of art, Nature meets Industry, etc. What looks at first like a confrontation turns out to be a connection.

Conventional languages and outlooks are necessary when it is a question of handling the world, of reaching clearly defined and concrete goals. But we know from experience that these fall short in the most important moments of life. If we permit them to dominate us wholly, we are on the road to the breakdown of contact, to destruction. I view poetry as a countermove against that sort of development. Poems are active meditations, they want to wake us up, not put us to sleep.”

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