Ufuk Serin

Cotsen Summer Scholar


Late Antique and Byzantine Monuments and the Topography of Southern Caria in the Light of New Archaeological Evidence

Ufuk SerinUfuk Serin2011 Cotsen Summer ScholarUfuk Serin2011 Cotsen Summer Scholar

Dr. Serin’s summer research at SAR is part of a larger, long-term project that aims to offer a critical analysis of the Late Antique and Byzantine monuments and topography of Southern Caria (5th–13th centuries AD), in what is now western Turkey. Her work investigates the types of buildings, sites, and settlements identified in this region; their distribution across the landscape; and their association with the major ancient cities in the area, especially Iasos and Bargylia. This research intends to offer recent archaeological data for a better understanding of the urban territoria and countryside of ancient Caria. The identification and interpretation of the monuments and settlements in this vast region of Western Asia Minor will fill a considerable gap in our knowledge of Late Antique and Byzantine layers of Anatolian history, culture, and archaeology.

Affiliation at time of award:
Guest Scholar, Department of Architecture, Middle East University

Sponsored by UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

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