Minette C. Church

Cotsen Summer Scholar


Archaeology of the Lopez Plaza: Childhood, Landscape, and Homeland in the Late Nineteenth Century Southern Colorado Borderlands

Minette C. ChurchMinette C. Church2010 Cotsen Summer ScholarMinette C. Church2010 Cotsen Summer Scholar

Minette Church devoted her residency to drafting a book-length manuscript based on archaeological research at Lopez Plaza, the late nineteenth-century home of the Lopez family in southeastern Colorado. Memoirs by two individuals who grew up on the site provide a rich personal context for family life during this era. It is likely, notes Church, that the twelve children who grew up at Lopez Plaza generated much of the material culture uncovered during three seasons of excavation. If so, this study promises to provide insight into the experience of childhood as well as family life following the heyday of the Santa Fe Trail. Church made considerable progress on her manuscript, which she planned to complete in September. She describes “the seven weeks of the Cotsen summer fellowship [as] by far the most productive time I have had in my recent academic and personal life.”

Affiliation at time of award:
Department of Anthropology, University of Colorado

Sponsored by UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

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