Lisa Kealhofer

Cotsen Summer Scholar


The Dynamics of Political Economic Reformation: Post-Hittite Central Anatolia

Lisa KealhoferLisa Kealhofer2009 Cotsen Summer ScholarLisa Kealhofer2009 Cotsen Summer Scholar

Although one of the best documented examples of collapse and regeneration, the Mediterranean Bronze Age/Iron Age transition remains controversial. To better understand this phenomenon, more information is needed on the conditions that precipitated the collapse and influenced subsequent politial developments. Drawing on five years of collaborative research in central and western Turkey, Kealhofer and her colleague Peter Grave used their tenure at SAR to evaluate variables considered critical to the re-emergence of complex societies after collapse. These include the development of new exchange networks as well as geographical marginality. Their ultimate goal, which they accomplished, was to draft a major synthetic article for submission to Current Anthropology. They planned to finalize the manuscript and have it ready for submission by December 2009. They attributed their success to their fellowship at SAR, which “allowed us to collaborate with relatively few administrative and teaching distractions.” As they explained, “SAR provided very generous support in terms of working environment and conditions, greatly facilitating our ability to focus on our writing and research.”

Affiliation at time of award:
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Santa Clara University

Sponsored by UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

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