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Senior Scholar Linda Cordell Publishes New Book

Potters and Communities of PracticePotters and Communities of PracticePotters and Communities of Practice

The School for Advanced Research is pleased to announce the release of Potters and Communities of Practice: Glaze Paint and Polychrome Pottery in the American Southwest, AD 1250 to 1700 (University of Arizona Press, 2012), edited by senior scholar Linda Cordell  and her colleague Judith A. Habicht-Mauche.

The contributors to Potters and Communities of Practice examine radical changes that took place in the American Southwest during the thirteenth through seventeenth centuries, a period that witnessed dramatic changes in ideology, social organization, exchange relationships, and migrations—including the appearance of the first European settlers. Concomitant with these world-shaking events, communities of potters began producing new kinds of wares—particularly polychrome and glaze-paint decorated pottery—that entailed new technologies and new materials. The contributors present results of their collaborative research into the production and distribution of these new wares, including cutting-edge chemical and petrographic analyses. They use the insights gained to reflect on the changing nature of communities of potters as they participated in the dynamic social conditions of their world.

A senior scholar at SAR since 2006, Dr. Cordell is a renowned archaeologist whose career includes serving as Chair of the University of New Mexico Department of Anthropology, a curatorship at the California Academy of Sciences, and an appointment to Director of the University of Colorado Museum and Professor of Anthropology at the University of Colorado. Dr. Cordell has been recognized with elected memberships in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, and was awarded the A. V. Kidder medal for eminence in American Archaeology by the American Anthropological Association—the second woman to have won the Kidder medal in its sixty years of existence.

More information on Dr. Cordell's research and publications can be found on her SAR senior scholar profile.

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