News for Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Videos: The Archaeology of New Mexico

Videos are now online for the public lecture series by internationally recognized anthropologist and author David Stuart. The Archaeology of New Mexico: Lessons on Land Use, Resources, and Cultural Institutions for Our Modern World series kicks off with two dynamic talks on the Chacoan world.

The Archaeology of New Mexico Lectures
Doorway in Pueblo Bonito, Chaco CanyonEnergy Consumption and the Rise of Chacoan SocietyIn this first public lecture on the complete findings of the multiyear “Finding the Calories” project, Stuart reports on the basic elements of nine centuries of change in patterns of energy use and acquisition required for Ancestral Puebloans to become Chacoans.
Pueblo del ArroyoDecline and Dissolution of the Chacoan World1125 to 1325 CE saw the shattering of the growth-oriented Chaco phenomenon, a huge cultural cataclysm for prehistoric Southwestern farmers. Chacoan society was replaced by far smaller and more efficient successor societies.

David Stuart is an internationally recognized anthropologist and well-known author. His most cited books are Prehistoric New Mexico, Anasazi America, The Guaymas Chronicles, and the recently released Ancient People of the Pajarito Plateau.

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