News for Thursday, November 29, 2012

2012–2013 Annual Campaign Underway

Colloquium in the BoardroomColloquium in the Boardroom
Colloquium in the Boardroom
Native Schoolchildren at IARCNative Schoolchildren at IARC
Native Schoolchildren at IARC

Hunger takes many forms. Here at SAR, our mission to understand and communicate the human experience allows us to address hunger in its various aspects–the daily need to feed self and family, the yearning for well-being, the thirst for knowledge to sustain the mind, and the aesthetic longing to enrich the soul.

In keeping with this year’s Annual Review theme of “Soul Food,” we offer a cornucopia of giving levels that allow you to sustain the mission of the school. Nearly a quarter of SAR’s annual budget is funded by contributions from people who enjoy our programs, who appreciate the “safe haven” we offer artists and scholars, and who seek to deepen their understanding of humankind. Choosing one of the options below brings you to the table of supporters who believe that harboring exceptionally creative people in the vessel of SAR will feed our collective quest for answers, and for action. Your gift makes SAR’s menu of programs and activities possible.

The Kidder Appetizer

$100 funds a weekly colloquium in which scholars and artists in residence at SAR join the permanent faculty and research associates for intensive discussion of a topic of intellectual or artistic importance.

The Bandelier Breakfast

$250 underwrites one of our free SAR Sparks lectures, which bring in fascinating speakers who introduce daytime audiences of all ages to the off-beat side of the history and culture of the Southwest US.

The Hewett Brunch

$500 allows us to introduce SAR’s renowned collection of Southwest Indian art to Native schoolchildren, giving them an unparalleled opportunity to explore the artistic contributions of their ancestors.

The Schwartz Luncheon

$1,000 defrays the transportation costs to bring an international scholar to participate in an advanced seminar, ensuring that the work at SAR reflects and informs global knowledge about the human experience.

The Second Century Banquet

$5,000 provides an up-and-coming artist or scholar a summer residency at SAR, with the office or studio space and supplies needed to inspire new creative representations of humans and the world around us.

We rely on the annual gifts of our generous donors to continue our programs. You can easily donate securely online, or mail your gift to School for Advanced Research, Post Office Box 2188, Santa Fe, NM 87504.

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