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SAR Announces 2012–2013 Native Artist Fellows

Double-sided Pueblo SashDouble-sided Pueblo SashLouie García, 2011, Acrylic. Photograph courtesy of the artist.“Pumpkin”“Pumpkin”Bobblehead by Jonathan Loretto, 2011, clay. Photo courtesy of the artist.
Double-sided Pueblo Sash“Pumpkin”

SAR offers four artist-in-residence fellowships annually to advance the work of mature and emerging Native artists. The fellowships give artists time to explore new avenues of creativity, grapple with new ideas to advance their work, and to strengthen existing talents. While in residence, the artists can access the School’s Indian Arts Research Center (IARC) collection of Native arts for research and study.

SAR is pleased to announce the 2012–2013 Native Artist Fellows:

2012 Ronald and Susan Dubin Native Artist Fellow

Louie García (Tiwa/Piro Pueblo) is a weaver who is dedicated to the process of weaving and passing those techniques on to future generations. A regular instructor at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and at many of the pueblos, García has been weaving since age seven. While at SAR, García intends to complete a 100% wool plaid blanket or manta woven in the traditional diamond and diagonal twill patterns, which are present on historic textiles. He looks forward to utilizing the resources at SAR not only for himself, but also for his present and future Pueblo weaving students. García will be in residence from June 15–August 15, 2012.

2012 Rollin and Mary Ella King Native Artist Fellow

Jonathan Loretto is from Walatowa (Jemez) and Cochiti and has been creating traditional pottery for the last thirty years. This last year, he switched from creating vessels to developing figurative forms. Most recently, he has been creating what he calls “storytelling bobbleheads,” which combine the figurative tradition of Cochiti Pueblo with the contemporary pop phenomenon of the bobblehead. Today, Loretto is in his third phase of his bobblehead collection, which has become more defined and realistic. At SAR, he hopes to continue developing his bobblehead line and looks forward to collaborating with other artists. Loretto will be in residence September 1–December1, 2012.

2013 SAR Indigenous Writer-in-Residence Fellow

Currently residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Casandra Lopez is of Cahuilla, Luiseno, Tongva, and Chicana descent. Through the SAR indigenous writer-in-residence program, Lopez plans to prepare her novel-in-stories for publication. When We Were Hunted centers on a California Indian/Mexican family grieving the loss of Michael, the complicated man they knew as their father. Each of the chapters/stories is told from one of three alternating perspectives, which include the two children and mother of the family. Lopez feels that the SAR fellowship will help hone her writing skills. Lopez will be in residence from January 3–February 21, 2013.

2013 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Native Artist Fellow

Melissa Henry (Diné) is a filmmaker whose work is often seen as simultaneously straddling the categories of youth and experimental. Henry sees her own work as reaching to people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, bringing Navajo culture to the world. While at SAR, Henry would like to work on the pre-production for her film, Mozhi Lizhini in Space. During her residency, she plans to storyboard and create an animatic for her film about a vengeful monster from the old world who threatens the earth while Black Cat and Space Coyote travel the galaxy to seek assistance from the Cat Constellation. Henry will be in residence from March 1–May 31, 2013.

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