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2010–2011 Annual Review—“Words”

2010–2011 Annual Review—“Words”2010–2011 Annual Review—“Words”Cover image of the print-version2010–2011 Annual Review—“Words”Cover image of the print-version

A Summary of SAR’s 104th Year

For more than a century, the sharing of knowledge has been at the heart of SAR’s mission. We continually seek ways to make this communication more efficient, cost-effective, and accessible. To this end, we bring you the second year of our multimedia Annual Review. The 2010–2011 Annual Review, entitled “Words”, is available in a streamlined print version—for those of us who still like to hold what we read—that highlights all the School’s scholarly, literary, and artistic activities during the year, providing a tangible summary of the year’s accomplishments along with our financial report and acknowledgments. The cutting-edge digital version provides dynamic, in-depth multimedia content about these activities, allowing you to see and hear the year’s scholars and artists in action.

This is an exciting venture for SAR as we continue to explore the vast possibilities of digital media. We invite you to explore SAR’s “Words” online—then tell us what you think about the new format.

2010–2011 Annual Review—“Words”

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