Buddhist Economics: An Oxymoron?

Donald Swearer (Harvard University)

Membership Lecture, The New Mexico History Museum Auditorium

Thursday, March 18, 2010, 6:30–7:30 pm, Free for SAR members

Meditating MonkMeditating MonkThe Forest Hermitage, Kandy, Sri Lanka.Meditating MonkThe Forest Hermitage, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

We usually associate Buddhism with meditating monks and temple rituals, rather than the mundane realities of day-to-day economic and political life. This notion, however, belies a historical reality that shows Buddhism as concerned with worldly pursuits and aspirations as with other-worldly mysticism. Dr. Donald Swearer explores the ways in which contemporary Buddhists have constructed an economic ethic in cases like Thailand’s Sufficient Economy and Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness.

Video editing by SAR volunteer John Sadd

Sponsored by Flora Crichton Lecture Fund and Cloud Bridge Printing

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