Lecture and Mini-workshop: Preserving Three-Dimensional Native Works

Bettina Raphael, Conservator in Private Practice

IARC Speaker Series, SAR Boardroom

Thursday, April 14, 2011, 12:30–3:00 pm

Bettina RaphaelBettina RaphaelCourtesy of Bettina Raphael.Bettina RaphaelCourtesy of Bettina Raphael.

An artifact conservator for museums and private collector for the past 30 years, Bettina Raphael will focus on the importance of preventive care of three-dimensional objects and low-cost storage solutions. Lecture and workshop topics will include practical approaches to identifying and controlling the causes of deterioration and damage to a variety of materials such as leather, basketry, textiles, wood, and ceramics; appropriate storage methods and materials for fragile pieces; and when to call on a conservator for help.

In order to ensure enough materials for all workshop participants, please RSVP to (505) 954-7205 or iarc@sarsf.org no later than Wednesday, April 6. Space is limited to 30 people.

Bettina Raphael graduated from the Cooperstown Conservation Training Program with an MA in three-dimensional object conservation. Her early preservation experience with ethnographic and archaeological artifacts included an internship at the Smithsonian Institution, work with the Birmingham Museums and Galleries in England, with Hampton Institute in Virginia, and as Director of the Rocky Mountain Regional Conservation Center in Denver. For the past 30 years, Ms. Raphael has provided conservation services and consultation to museums and individuals in the Southwest including the School for Advanced Research, the Museum of New Mexico, the Wheelwright Museum, the Heard Museum, and the Menil Collection in Houston. She has lectured and taught on topics of conservation practices and preventive care for collections throughout the region and in Latin America. She is a Fellow of the American Institute for Conservation.

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