Archaeoastronomy of Chaco Canyon

Limited to 17 people

Field Trip

Friday, October 14–Sunday, October 16, 2016, $990 per person, double-occupancy (single supplement $125) (includes $20 donation to SAR)

Pueblo Bonito doorways at Chaco CanyonPueblo Bonito doorways at Chaco CanyonPhoto courtesy of the National Park ServicePueblo Bonito doorways at Chaco CanyonPhoto courtesy of the National Park Service

Since her discovery of Sun Dagger at Chaco Canyon in 1977, Anna Sofaer has been the leading figure in the study of the archaeoastronomy of the Ancestral Puebloan world. She has published books and articles on Chaco astronomy and its connection to the Great Houses and kivas, and she has made several films about the topic, including The Sun Dagger (1982), and The Mystery of Chaco Canyon (1999). Sofaer is director of the Solstice Project, a nonprofit dedicated to research on the Chaco Phenomenon. After an introductory lecture and showing of her films in Santa Fe, Sofaer will lead the group on a special tour of the major ruins of Chaco Canyon. We will also be accompanied by another Southwestern archaeologist, whose perspectives will compliment Dr. Sofaer’s. We will enjoy an exclusive lunch and dinner at Chaco Canyon on October 15, catered by chef Pat Gharrity and Santa Fe’s Dr. Field Goods Food Truck. As we dine under the stars we will enjoy a full moon rising over Chaco Canyon. On Sunday, October 16, we will visit Aztec ruins before returning to Santa Fe.

Activity Level: Easy (can get in & out of van and walk unassisted for short distances)

Includes: Bus transportation from Santa Fe, pre-trip lecture and film, hotel 2 nights, honoraria for 2 study leaders, meals, Dr. Field Goods catered lunch and special full moon dinner, water

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Update, Sept. 9, 2016: TRIP FULL.

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