Lessons from Traditional Pueblo Farming

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Friday, September 13, 2013, 9:30 am–2:30 pm

Under the leadership of Dr. Richard I. Ford, a renowned ethnobotanist, we will explore the archaeology of pre-Hispanic agriculture and ethnobotany at Tesuque Pueblo. The tour will cover traditional agriculture (stone mulch fields), its modern adaptation (permaculture), and the crops and useful plants that grow in the fields. We will tour both archaeological lithic mulch fields and witness a successful modern reproduction of this ancient Pueblo farming technique.

Our hosts will be Louie and Serena Hena at their home in Tesuque Pueblo. Louie Hena has been an activist in the field of revitalizing traditional Pueblo agriculture and protecting indigenous food and seed sovereignty. He helped organize the Traditional Native American Farmer Association. Serena Hena will prepare a traditional Pueblo meal for us made from crops grown in their Tesuque garden.

Richard Ford, an alumnus of many SAR programs, including a resident scholar fellowship, has made immense contributions to our understanding of the ways in which Native peoples of North America managed and utilized plants as foods, medicines, and cultural symbols. Through his research and applied work, he has formed a unique, collaborative, working relationship with Pueblo farmers in the Rio Grande Valley.

Activity Level: Moderate, short walks around the agricultural felds of Tesuque Pueblo, a short climb to an archaeological site at the top of a hill, and a stroll around the community plaza.

Cost (per person): $80, includes round-trip transportation from SAR, guide honorarium, and lunch made from freshly harvested foods at the Hena home.

Trip Registration: To ensure that field trip registration is equitable, SAR will be using a lottery system. Please send your field trip requests (PDF, 54 KB) by mail—postmarked no later than May 3, 2013. Do not send any trip payment with your lottery registration. A drawing will then be held for each trip, and members will be notified of the results by May 9, 2013. Please note that memberships at or above the Galisteo level receive advance registration prior to lottery.

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