Discover the Living Spirit of Native Art

Event, To make reservations, contact Diane McCarthy at (505) 954-7211 by July 20, 2010

Friday, August 13–Sunday, August 15, 2010

Zuni PotteryZuni PotteryVault 2 at IARC
Zuni Pottery
Pueblo del Arroyo, Chaco CanyonPueblo del Arroyo, Chaco CanyonPhotograph by Jason S. Ordaz
Pueblo del Arroyo, Chaco Canyon
Katsina Figure, Rinconada CanyonKatsina Figure, Rinconada CanyonPhotograph by David Grant Noble, Plate 11, from “In the Places of the Spirits.”
Katsina Figure, Rinconada Canyon

During three magical days in Santa Fe, explore the School for Advanced Research’s multi-dimensional relationships with Native American art, artists, and communities through first-hand experience in the Indian Arts Research Center collection, one-on-one conversations with Native artists and experts, and an adventure in time-travel at the 14th century Puye Cliff villages and Santa Clara Pueblo with several generations of women artists.

Friday—Worlds within Worlds

An intimate encounter with the IARC collection

Cocktails at the Indian Arts Research Center, August 13, 2010 • 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., 660 Garcia Street (Festive Attire). Cost: $500 per person ($400 per person tax-deductible).

The renowned IARC collection will come alive as you move from an elegant al fresco cocktail reception to the cool inner sanctum of the vaults. There, expert cultural advisors from indigenous nations such as Zuni, Apache, and Navajo will help you explore your favorite medium—be it pottery, kokkos, textiles, moccasins, or paintings—and describe what the extraordinary IARC collection means to today’s tribal communities. This rare and intimate encounter with the collection will acquaint you with the living spirit of Native art, and prepare you for a deeper engagement with the Creative.

Saturday—Home Fires

The Creative Energy of Native Women Artists

Cocktails, Dinner, and Book Celebration, August 14, 2010 • 6:00 p.m. until ..., under the Cottonwood Tree (Bolo or Black Tie). Cost: $500 per person ($350 per person tax-deductible).

Join the trailblazing women artists of Art in Our Lives: Native Women Artists in Dialogue for cocktails, a private viewing of their work, a sumptuous dinner, and inspired conversation under the great cottonwood tree. This starry Santa Fe evening will celebrate the newest release from SAR Press. You'll be the first to receive this unique volume that reaches across generational, tribal, and media lines to explore the creative experiences of Native women artists. Enjoy a private showing of the artists' work, then take a seat with them for a delectable dinner. A very special musical guest will send you off with dreams brightened by a new creative spark, to rest up for tomorrow’s adventure.

Sunday—Full Circle

From Ancestral Elders to Today’s Daughters

Day-long Excursion, August 15, 2010 • 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., depart from and return to 660 Garcia Street (comfortable clothing). Cost: $500 per person ($400 per person tax-deductible).

Erica LordErica Lord2008 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Artist.
Erica Lord
Puye Cliff DwellingsPuye Cliff Dwellings
Puye Cliff Dwellings

This full-day excursion takes you first on a private, SAR-only tour of the Puye Cliffs, “the place between earth and sky,” and the ancestral home of Santa Clara Pueblo. Only recently reopened after wildfires in 2000, the 200-foot-high cliffs were formed from the Jemez Caldera volcano a million years ago, inhabited by Santa Clara's ancestors between 1100–1580, and first excavated by Edgar Lee Hewett in 1907, the year he founded SAR. After exploring cliff dwellings, plaza pueblos, kivas, and petroglyphs, you’ll enjoy a traditional Pueblo lunch amidst the cliffs of volcanic tuffa. Then, four generations of women artists from the Naranjo and Tafoya families will welcome you to Santa Clara Pueblo. After an intimate afternoon with these extraordinary women artists and their work, you come full circle, ending the weekend with a multi-faceted, in-depth understanding of the School’s vital importance to Native artists—past, present, and future—their communities, and the human experience.

Benefactor Weekend—Soar Above the Secrets of Chaco Canyon

Chaco Canyon from the Air

Discover the Living Spirit of Native Art Weekend plus an exceptional additional experience tailored to your schedule. Cost: $2,500 per person ($1,800 per person tax-deductible).

This half-day private round-trip aerial tour of Chaco Canyon departing from Santa Fe explores the ever-changing topographic splendor of the Four Corners area, and provides a rare bird's eye view of Chaco’s uniquely mesmerizing archaeological mysteries—Great Houses and kivas, stunning roadways, and outliers. Your guide, world-class archaeologist and SAR vice president Dr. John Kantner, will narrate your tour and share little-known information about why Chaco has fascinated generations of explorers and scholars. Your aerial excursion ends with an elegant lunch in the SAR President’s Garden and a souvenir copy of In Search of Chaco by David Grant Noble, or The Chaco Experience by Ruth Van Dyke (both from SAR Press).

Sustainer Weekend—A Monumental Adventure

Monument Valley from the Air

Discover the Living Spirit of Native Art Weekend plus an exceptional additional experience tailored to your schedule. Cost: $5,000 per person ($3,000 per person tax-deductible).

Cover 800 million years in a single day on this extraordinary private aerial tour of Monument Valley including the little known country and spectacular landscapes of the Kayenta District and Bluff, Utah—the Goosenecks, Comb Ridge, and Cedar Mesa. After a light breakfast, a renowned archaeologist will be your guide, providing both historical perspective and the latest research highlights as you soar above dinosaur fossil beds, petrified forests, and ancient Ancestral Pueblo cities lost under sands of yellow, brown, and magenta. You'll land in the heart of Navajoland at a historic trading post/lodge for a gourmet lunch before discovering Monument Valley with a Navajo guide. After enjoying libations on your return flight over mountains, rivers, gorges, deserts, monuments, buttes, badlands, and volcanoes, you'll return home with astonishing memories and a copy of David Grant Noble’s just released In the Places of Spirits from SAR Press, which weaves his prize-winning photography and memoirs of archaeological exploration into a seamless story.

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