Human Evolution: A Cocktail of Creativity

Agustin Fuentes

Membership Lecture, The New Mexico History Museum Auditorium

Thursday, March 24, 2016, 6:30–7:30 pm, Free for SAR members • $10 for nonmembers

Agustin Fuentes and FriendAgustin Fuentes and Friend

Photo courtesy of Agustin Fuentes.

Agustin Fuentes and Friend

Photo courtesy of Agustin Fuentes.

A cocktail of creativity and collaboration that is unique to our species has propelled the development of our bodies, minds, and cultures — for good and for bad. We are neither the nastiest nor the nicest species. We are neither entirely untethered from our biological nature nor slavishly yoked to it. It’s not the drive to reproduce, compete for mates, resources, or power, nor our propensity for caring for one another that has separated us from all other creatures. We are first and foremost the species singularly distinguished, and shaped, by creativity. Biological anthropologist Agustin Fuentes provides a glimpse into the emerging new synthesis of the human evolutionary story.

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