Douglas W. Schwartz

2007, July 15–19
Advanced SeminarArchaeology and Public Policy: A New Vision for the FutureSince the 1960s, when Congress passed landmark laws providing protection for historic and prehistoric heritage in the United States, the discipline of archaeology has been engaged in serious debate about the goals of cultural resource management. This seminar continued that discussion and ultimately generated consensus on certain areas that need improvement within the profession of archaeology, such as an enhanced emphasis on public interest, heightened professional standards, and shared involvement of entities throughout the archaeological community.
2004, May 11–12
Short SeminarPottery MoundIn May, Museum of New Mexico, Museum of Indian Arts and Culture research associate Polly Schaafsma convened a two-day seminar about the site of Pottery Mound, an early Pueblo IV site of approximately 500 rooms located on the Rio Puerco west of Los Lunas, New Mexico.
2001, July 27–29
Short SeminarBioarchaeology: The People of Arroyo HondoThis seminar brought together eleven participants and three discussants to explore the applications of bioarchaeology—the study of human remains through archaeology—to the Arroyo Hondo site in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as well as to the broader field of Southwestern Archaeology.
Douglas W. Schwartz Senior Scholar
1990, April 9–10
Short SeminarFunding Anthropology
On the Edge of SplendorSAR Press PublicationOn the Edge of Splendor: Exploring Grand Canyon's Human PastThe author's research included major surveys and excavations in several crucial regions of the Grand Canyon. Written for a general audience, this book alternates between insightful accounts of Schwartz's personal experiences in the canyon and explorations of the lives and cultures of its early and late inhabitants.
1983, September 25–30
Advanced SeminarThe Dynamics of Southwestern Prehistory
Unkar DeltaSAR Press PublicationUnkar Delta: Archaeology of the Grand CanyonThis book is the first volume in SAR's Archaeology of the Grand Canyon series. It provides information on the archaeological excavation conducted at the site during the late 1960s.
1979, December 17
Advanced SeminarTribal Groups Planning Seminar
The Walhalla PlateauSAR Press PublicationThe Walhalla PlateauThe Walhalla Plateau, part of the Grand Canyon's north rim, was the site of seasonal farming by prehistoric Pueblo Indians who later left behind their agricultural terraces and small stone farmhouses.
The Bright Angel SiteSAR Press PublicationThe Bright Angel SiteTimeless Classics includes revived titles long out-of-print and brought to you via a print-on-demand publishing program. These titles have not been modified from the original and are now presented in paperback.
Reconstructing Prehistoric Pueblo SocietiesSAR Press PublicationReconstructing Prehistoric Pueblo Societies

The chapters in this book focus on methods and theories used to systematically test hypotheses about prehistoric social organization. The concern with social organization reflects a larger trend in archaeology that stresses the recovery and use of pertinent data for testing ideas and assumptions.

1969, March 2–6
Advanced SeminarCenter for Advanced Graduate Study
Doug SchwartzSAR StaffPresident Emeritus, The School For Advanced Research

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