Jaime K. Gaskin

Grants Manager, Institutional Giving, Development


Jaime GaskinJaime GaskinDevelopment Associate, Institutional Giving

Jaime is primarily responsible for funding research, acquisition and proposal writing. She is a native of Santa Fe and 3rd generation northern New Mexican. After graduating from Santa Fe High School, Jaime received degrees from the University of Arizona (Tucson) in Anthropology, American Indian Studies, and Education with focus areas in linguistics, Indigenous cultures and language revitalization, and federal Indian law and policy; she hopes to eventually finish her dissertation research on colonial suppression of southwest tribal languages and religions.  Previously with the Native Peoples Technical Assistance Office at UA, and the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, Jaime says, “I am at heart and by training an educator, social scientist and researcher, but I learned the fine art of writing grants in order to sustain important programs on which I was working. I am thrilled to have finally come to SAR, an academic and scholarly environment I’ve admired since I was a very young anthropology student.”

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