Charles L. Briggs

Charles L. BriggsWeatherhead Resident ScholarBats, Rabies, Reporters, and the Wrath of the State: On the Limits of Anthropological Knowledge
2008, April 22–23
Modernity and the Voice: Anthropological Histories from Beyond the MetropoleShort SeminarModernity and the Voice: Anthropological Histories from Beyond the MetropoleThis seminar explored the topic of modernity through an examination of voice, with particular attention paid to the roles that voice plays within the realms of political democracy and individual freedom.
Stories in the Time of Cholera by Charles L. Briggs with Clara Mantini-BriggsJ. I. Staley PrizeStories in the Time of Cholera: Racial Profiling During a Medical NightmareCholera is preventable and easily treated. Yet in Venezuela in the 1990s and in 21st century refugee camps, the disease proves unrivaled in the breadth and speed with which it kills. Stories in the Time of Cholera untangles in harrowing detail how inadequate medical services, failures in public health administration, and deeply rooted prejudices against indigenous peoples combined to allow a modern medical tragedy to unfold.
Regimes of LanguageSAR Press PublicationRegimes of Language: Ideologies, Polities, and IdentitiesIn Regimes of Language, ten leading linguistic anthropologists integrate two often segregated domains: politics (without language) and language (without politics). Their essays contribute to an understanding of the role of language ideologies and discursive practices in state formation, nationalism, and the maintenance of ethnic groups, on the one hand, and in the creation of national, ethnic, and professional identities, on the other.

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