Catherine M. Cameron

Linking the HistoriesSAR Press PublicationLinking the Histories of Slavery: North America and Its Borderlands

This volume has brought together scholars from anthropology, history, psychology, and ethnic studies to share their original research into the lesser known stories of slavery in North America and reveal surprising parallels among slave cultures across the continent.

2015, March 3–4
Chaco and Cahokia: Histories, Landscapes, and HinterlandsShort SeminarChaco and Cahokia: Histories, Landscapes, and HinterlandsThis seminar convened to evaluate the current state of research and theoretical issues for Chaco and Cahokia, their respective hinterlands, and to lay the groundwork for a truly continental archaeology by considering connections to Mesoamerica.
2012, October 12–13
Uniting the Histories of Slavery in North AmericaShort SeminarUniting the Histories of Slavery in North AmericaThis seminar brought together specialists in history, anthropology, folklore, and psychology to provide a broader understanding to an array of local and regional studies of new forms of bondage—in the past and today—that take us beyond the well-known studies of slavery in the east.
Catherine M. CameronWeatherhead Resident ScholarCaptives: Invisible Agents of Culture Change
The Mesa Verde WorldSAR Press PublicationThe Mesa Verde World: Explorations in Ancestral Pueblo ArchaeologyThe Mesa Verde World showcases new findings about the region’s prehistory, environment, and archaeological history, from newly discovered reservoir systems on Mesa Verde to astronomical alignments at Yellow Jacket Pueblo. Key topics include farming, settlement, sacred landscapes, cosmology and astronomy, rock art, warfare, migration, and contemporary Pueblo perspectives.

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