Sallie R. Wagner Indigenous American Artist/Scholar Fellows

Geneva Shabi Geneva Shabi
Ms. Shabi follows in the footsteps of her mother, Marjorie Spencer, and late grandmother, Mamie Burnside, who worked with Sallie Wagner in the 1930s.
Carlos Chacián Carlos Chaclán
Carlos Chaclán, a Quiche Maya clay ceramicist from Guatemala, has received the Sallie R. Wagner Indigenous American Artist/Scholar Fellowship for 2005-06.
Robert Mirabal Robert Mirabal
One of the leaders of the Native American musical renaissance, Robert says, “My culture doesn’t allow me to record anything traditional, but my music is infused with all the ceremonial music that I've heard all my life....what I create comes out of my body and soul, in a desire to take care of the spirits of the earth.”
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