Janice Gould in Conversation with Joy Harjo: Reading, Conversation, & Reception

2012 Indigenous Writer-in-Residence

Artist Talk, SAR Boardroom

Monday, February 13, 2012, 5:30–7:00 pm, Free, This Artist Talk is Full

Janice Gould’s Guitar in the King Residence at SARJanice Gould’s Guitar in the King Residence at SARJanice Gould’s Guitar in the King Residence at SAR

Concow Maidu poet Janice Gould has been working on a collection of gacelas, poetry formed by couplets and repeating rhyme, often centered on the themes of love and intoxication. These pieces have been set to music and photography. Join the School for Advanced Research on February 13 as Janice speaks about her experience as the 2012 SAR Indigenous Writer-in-Residence, reads from her new body of work, and converses with world-renowned Muscogee poet and musician, Joy Harjo.

RSVP by Tuesday, February 7, 2012 to iarc[at]sarsf.org or (505) 954-7205.

This Music

Water laps somewhere, a trickle among stones,
seeping into roots. At my feet,

ants scurry by, a beetle scuttles, honey bees
buzz among upturned faces of flowers.

Why this longing, this desire to sing sadness
or adoration? In some dark layer

music forms, note upon note, phrase after phrase,
each cadence bearing the blue of sky,

thickness of clouds piled at the horizon,
a flight of birds pushed by relentless wind.

Melody is born in snowmelt and flood,
at the rock cliff’s edge, in the leap of fire

across a chasm. Rhapsody reflects the shine
of mica, glint of sunlight in aspen,

a tree’s long shadow. Each aria seeks to find you
close to me, open to rapture.

“This Music,” by Janice Gould, was written in August 2011. It will be published in the upcoming issue of Pilgrimage Magazine, 2012.

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