Resident Scholars


Jamila Bargach and her Daughter, Fanou Derhem Jamila Bargach
Campbell Fellowship
Project: “Harvesting the Clouds: Fog Collection Technology and Gender Equality in a Berber Village, Morocco ”
Affiliation at time of fellowship: Academic Director, Foundation SiHmad Derhem for the Development of the South & the Sahara
Catherine M. Cameron Catherine M. Cameron
Weatherhead Fellowship
Project: “Captives: Invisible Agents of Culture Change”
Affiliation at time of fellowship: Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Colorado
Sarah K. Croucher Sarah K. Croucher
Weatherhead Fellowship
Project: “Consuming Colonialism: Archaeological Investigations of Ceramics and Identities in Nineteenth Century East Africa ”
Affiliation at time of fellowship: Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Wesleyan University
Doug Kiel Doug Kiel
Katrin H. Lamon Fellowship
Project: “The Oneida Resurgence: Modern Indian Renewal in the Heart of America”
Affiliation at time of fellowship: Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Melissa K. Nelson Melissa K. Nelson
Anne Ray Fellowship
Project: “The Eco-Cultural Revitalization of the Southern Paiute Salt Song Trail”
Affiliation at time of fellowship: Associate Professor, Department of American Indian Studies, San Francisco State University
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