Dorothy Grant Dorothy Grant
Eric and Barbara Dobkin Fellowship
The marriage of Northwest Coast art and American haute couture remains the exceptional achievement and creative expression of clothing designer Dorothy Grant, who was awarded the 2007 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Native Artist Fellowship at the School for Advanced Research on the Human Experience (SAR).
Jason Garcia Jason Garcia
Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellowship
Jason, who has been working in clay for the past fifteen years and primarily on tiles since 2001, comes from a long line of traditional and contemporary Pueblo potters that includes his parents, Gloria (Goldenrod) and John Garcia.
Eliza Naranjo Morse Eliza Naranjo Morse
Rollin and Mary Ella King Fellowship
Eliza has been immersed in artistic expression from the start: Her mother, grandmother, and much of her extended family are renowned ceramic artists, and she grew up surrounded by a tradition of creating pottery. Always comfortable with the art-making process, Eliza became interested at a young age in developing her ability to recreate on paper the world around her.
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