Christine Nofchissey McHorse Christine Nofchissey McHorse
Eric and Barbara Dobkin Fellowship
Christine is an award winning potter-sculptor-jeweler and is best known for her work in micaceous clay.
Randy Chitto Randy Chitto
Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellowship
Randy Chitto, a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw, has been chosen as the 2006 Ronald N. and Susan Dubin Native American Artist Fellow.
Connie, David, and Wayne Gaussoin Connie, David, and Wayne Gaussoin
Rollin and Mary Ella King Fellowship
The learning landscape of Native artistry has long been a topic of discussion and a field for probing questions: from whom do artists learn, how do they develop their craft, and how important are kinship relationships in this process? This year’s King Fellows will provide that intimate insight.
Geneva Shabi Geneva Shabi
Sallie R. Wagner Indigenous American Artist/Scholar Fellowship
Ms. Shabi follows in the footsteps of her mother, Marjorie Spencer, and late grandmother, Mamie Burnside, who worked with Sallie Wagner in the 1930s.
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