Suzan Shown Harjo Suzan Shown Harjo
Eric and Barbara Dobkin Fellowship
Suzan expresses her commitments as a woman and an advocate for human rights in many ways. In addition to her work in the public arena, her poems evoke a grace and passion embracing all patterns of life. They are an art form nurtured by her family, a rich cultural heritage, and her private and public activities.
Marcus Amerman Marcus Amerman
Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellowship
Marcus is a painter, sculptor, and an extraordinary bead worker. He began doing beadwork at the age of ten, he says, “as a response to growing up in a very creative environment. Almost everyone in my extended family did beadwork for our own personal use and for adornment as Indians and pow-wow participants, and I quite naturally adopted and adapted this family tradition.”
David Bradley David Bradley
Rollin and Mary Ella King Fellowship
David Bradley, Minnesota Chippewa, has been named the 2004 Rollin and Mary Ella King Fellow. Bradley considers himself a painter, printmaker, sculptor, jeweler, and ceramicist.
Robert Mirabal Robert Mirabal
Sallie R. Wagner Indigenous American Artist/Scholar Fellowship
One of the leaders of the Native American musical renaissance, Robert says, “My culture doesn’t allow me to record anything traditional, but my music is infused with all the ceremonial music that I've heard all my life....what I create comes out of my body and soul, in a desire to take care of the spirits of the earth.”
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