“Why Exercise Really is the Best Medicine” by Daniel Lieberman

WHERE: The New Mexico History Museum Auditorium - use the Washington Avenue entrance.
WHEN: Thursday, May 7, 2015, 6:30–7:30 pm
MEMBERSHIP LECTURE: Free for SAR members, $10 for nonmembers

Few people think of evolutionary biology or anthropology when they see a doctor, but they should. To understand how and why our bodies are the way they are requires consideration of the evolutionary and cultural histories of our bodies. Many lines of evidence indicate that the evolution of human hunting and gathering was made possible by a suite of adaptations that transformed our ancestors into superlative endurance athletes. This history continues to shape our bodies today. In this illustrated lecture, evolutionary biologist Daniel Lieberman argues that an evolutionary perspective offers crucial insights for figuring out how to help people prevent illness and promote good health.  

Daniel Lieberman is a professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard and has published numerous studies about why the human body looks and behaves the way it does. His new book is Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health and Disease.

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Harvard: Biomechanics of Foot Strikes

This website has been developed to provide an evidence-based resource for those interested in the biomechanics of different foot strikes in endurance running and the applications to human endurance running prior to the modern running shoe.

NPR: How Our Stone Age Bodies Struggle To Stay Healthy In Modern Times

If you got sick, you probably wouldn't go to an evolutionary biologist to get treated. But Daniel Lieberman, professor of evolutionary biology at Harvard University, says that his field can help you understand why you got sick, and make you more aware of healthy and harmful behaviors.

The Barefoot Professor

Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman has ditched his trainers and started running barefoot. His research shows that barefoot runners, who tend to land on their fore-foot, generate less impact shock than runners in sports shoes who land heel first. This makes barefoot running comfortable and could minimize running-related injuries.