William Longacre

1985, March 25–29
Advanced SeminarSocial and Behavioral Sources of Ceramic Variability
Demographic AnthropologySAR Press PublicationDemographic Anthropology: Quantitative ApproachesThe articles in this book explore relationships between demographic variables and culture, emphasizing cultural and biological structures and processes connected to population trends. In addition, the book covers topics dealing with sedentism, kinship, childhood marriage association, and stable and unstable economic growth.
Reconstructing Prehistoric Pueblo SocietiesSAR Press PublicationReconstructing Prehistoric Pueblo Societies

The chapters in this book focus on methods and theories used to systematically test hypotheses about prehistoric social organization. The concern with social organization reflects a larger trend in archaeology that stresses the recovery and use of pertinent data for testing ideas and assumptions.

1968, April 9–13
Advanced SeminarThe Inference of Social Organization from Prehistoric Southwestern Pueblos

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