W. H. Wills

2010, March 10–11
New Archaeological Research at Pueblo BonitoResearch Team SeminarNew Archaeological Research at Pueblo Bonito: Reopening National Geographic Society ExcavationsThis National Science Foundation team short seminar supported the synthesis of two separately funded research projects involving the archaeological record at Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.
A Catalyst for IdeasSAR Press PublicationA Catalyst for Ideas: Anthropological Archaeology and the Legacy of Douglas W. SchwartzIn his thirty-four years as president of the School of American Research, Douglas W. Schwartz's far-reaching vision placed SAR on the intellectual edge of research about humans across the globe. Nowhere is this more evident than in his influence on the field of anthropological archaeology.
2004, June 4–5
Short SeminarChaco Digital Initiative
2002, June 9–13
Short SeminarChaco Canyon: Building a Digital Research Archive
Last Hunters, First FarmersSAR Press PublicationLast Hunters, First Farmers : New Perspectives on the Prehistoric Transition to AgricultureIn case studies ranging from the Far East to the American Southwest, the authors of Last Hunters-First Farmers provide a global perspective on contemporary research into the origins of agriculture. Downplaying more traditional explanations of the turn to agriculture, such as the influence of marginal environments and population pressures, the authors emphasize instead the importance of the resource-rich areas in which agriculture began, the complex social organizations already in place, the role of sedentism, and, in some locales, the advent of economic intensification and competition.
Themes in Southwest PrehistorySAR Press PublicationThemes in Southwest PrehistoryTwo dozen leading archaeologists isolate a number of themes that were central to the process of increasing complexity in prehistoric Southwestern society, including increased food production, a greater degree of sedentism, and a dramatically increasing population.
1991, May 17–19
Short SeminarCurrent Trends and Future Directions in Rio Grande Corridor Archaeology: Part II
1990, May 5–6
Short SeminarCurrent Trends and Future Directions in Rio Grande Corridor Archaeology: Part I
Weatherhead Resident ScholarEarly Agricultural Development in the American Southwest

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