Deborah Winslow

Visiting Research Associate


Regional Systems Analysis Meets Complexity Science: Economic Change Among Potters in Sri Lanka

Deborah WinslowDeborah WinslowVisiting Research AssociateDeborah WinslowVisiting Research Associate

For over 30 years, Deborah Winslow has been studying ongoing social and economic change in a small rural community of pottery makers in Sri Lanka. She has used her findings from field research and from research in British and Sri Lankan archives to piece together the community’s history over the past century. She is particularly interested in how the community arises from, and is sustained by, both the smaller social units, such as household and kin group, which it comprises, and the larger systems of region, nation, and beyond, in which it participates. Currently, she is using recent research in complexity sciences to draw larger lessons from this localized case study.

Affiliation at time of award:
The National Science Foundation, as Program Director of the Cultural Anthropology Program and Co-Director for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases Program

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