Timothy Earle

A Pueblo Social HistorySAR Press PublicationA Pueblo Social History: Kinship, Sodality, and Community in the Northern SouthwestA Pueblo Social History explores the intersection of archaeology, ethnohistory, and ethnology. John Ware argues that all of the key Pueblo social, ceremonial, and political institutions—and their relative importance across the Pueblo world—can only be explained in terms of indigenous social history stretching back nearly two millennia.
ChiefdomsSAR Press PublicationChiefdoms: Power, Economy, and IdeologyThe study of chiefdoms has moved from preoccupation with their formal characteristics to a concern with their dynamics as political institutions. The contributors to this volume are interested in how ruling elites retain power through control over production and exchange, and then legitimize that control through an elaborate ideology.
1988, January 18–22
Advanced SeminarChiefdoms: Their Evolutionary Significance

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