T. Douglas Price

Last Hunters, First FarmersSAR Press PublicationLast Hunters, First Farmers : New Perspectives on the Prehistoric Transition to AgricultureIn case studies ranging from the Far East to the American Southwest, the authors of Last Hunters-First Farmers provide a global perspective on contemporary research into the origins of agriculture. Downplaying more traditional explanations of the turn to agriculture, such as the influence of marginal environments and population pressures, the authors emphasize instead the importance of the resource-rich areas in which agriculture began, the complex social organizations already in place, the role of sedentism, and, in some locales, the advent of economic intensification and competition.
1992, May 31–June 4
Advanced SeminarThe Transition to Agriculture
The Chemistry of Prehistoric Human BoneSAR Press PublicationThe Chemistry of Prehistoric Human Bone

Bone chemistry is one of the most promising analytical methods now being used by archaeologists and physical anthropologists to investigate the past of the human species, and this state-of-the-art book includes many of the leading scientists in the field among its contributors.

1986, March 3–7
Advanced SeminarBone Chemistry and Past Behavior

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