Suzan Shown Harjo

Painting the Underworld SkySAR Press PublicationPainting the Underworld Sky: Cultural Expression and Subversion in ArtPainter Mateo Romero uses a bold, muscular style and thick, expressive paint to expose the fault lines and tragedies afflicting Native people today. At the same time, he offers a meditation on the difficult yet artistically stimulating process of cultural diaspora and return in which he and many other Native artists are engaged.
For Indigenous Eyes OnlySAR Press PublicationFor Indigenous Eyes Only: A Decolonization HandbookRecognizing an urgent need for Indigenous liberation strategies, Indigenous intellectuals met to create a book with hands-on suggestions and activities to enable Indigenous communities to decolonize themselves. The authors begin with the belief that Indigenous Peoples have the power, strength, and intelligence to develop culturally specific decolonization strategies for their own communities and thereby systematically pursue their own liberation.
2005, March 21–23
Short SeminarNative Women’s Cultural MattersThe participants in this seminar are women of various walks of life and Native nations. They shared their thoughts about the continuation and revitalization of Native women’s ceremonies, repatriation of Native cultural items, protection of Native sacred objects and sacred places, and other cultural matters.
Ethel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Summer ScholarRepatriation Laws and Policies: An Oral History Poetry Collection
2004, May 19–23
Short SeminarNative American IdentityThis seminar Seminar included valuable insights and contributions to the issue of Native American identity as noted through aspects of blood quantum, sovereignty, gambling, land allotment rights, ancestral and kinship concerns, art, and the environment.
Suzan Shown HarjoEric and Barbara Dobkin ArtistSuzan expresses her commitments as a woman and an advocate for human rights in many ways. In addition to her work in the public arena, her poems evoke a grace and passion embracing all patterns of life. They are an art form nurtured by her family, a rich cultural heritage, and her private and public activities.
2004, February 20–21
Short SeminarCreating a Decolonization Workbook

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