Maggie Zraly

Ethel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Summer Scholar


Shaping Experiences of Inequality: Resilience and Emotion among Youth Heads of Household in Kigali, Rwanda

Maggie Zraly arrived at SAR with three objectives: 1) to analyze the data collected during a ten-month study of socioeconomic inequality, reliance, and emotion among youth heads of household in Kigali, Rwanda; 2) to submit an article to American Anthropologist; and 3) to create an interview guide to be used during eight additional months of fieldwork in Rwanda. During her tenure, she made significant progress on all three projects, as well as a paper on “Youth-Led Household in Kigali: The Social and Emotional Worlds of a New African Public,” that was presented at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association in December 2009. She was also able to revise and resubmit two journal articles on vulnerability and resilience in post-genocide. She describes her fellowship as an “impeccably timed opportunity to reflect and write during the postdoctoral stage of my career.” As she explained, it “offered me the perfect pause to gain the analytical and emotional distance necessary to significantly advance my research and writing [on] post-genocide Rwanda.”

Affiliation at time of award:
NSF International Research Fellow, Department of Epidemiology, National University of Rwanda

Sponsored by Ethel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Foundation

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