Steven Caton

Bioinsecurity and VulnerabilitySAR Press PublicationBioinsecurity and Vulnerability

“Biosecurity” has ballooned into an increasingly mundane aspect of human experience, serving as a catchall for the detection, surveillance, containment, and deflection of everything from epidemics and natural disasters to resource scarcities and political insurgencies.

Images That MoveSAR Press PublicationImages That MoveImages play a significant part in projects of “poetic world-making” and political transformation. They participate in the production of commensuration or of incommensurability, enact moments of prophecy or exposure, and attract or repel spectators’ attention. But any examination of images in motion must also recognize the blockages and breakdowns that prevent their movement, as well as the enframings or “stickinesses” that trap them in particular places and prevent them from reaching others.
2011, October 9–13
Biosecurity and VulnerabilityAdvanced SeminarBiosecurity and Vulnerability“Biosecurity” highlights the urgency with which nations police citizenry, transient populations, and border zones. This seminar convened to examine historical antecedents and the moral and material dimensions of biosecurity measures as experienced by individuals.
2008, May 4–8
Images without BordersAdvanced SeminarImages without BordersThis advanced seminar examined the relation between images and publics in the fluid and deeply saturated ‘mediascapes’ of contemporary global society.

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